The 10 tallest towers in the Philippines for 2017

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As you traverse the country’s major highways at night, you probably cannot help but marvel at the sight of the constellation-like lights dotting the horizon, all thanks to the numerous buildings standing side-by-side and making up the skylines of th…...

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What Pag-IBIG Fund programs and benefits you should know

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What Pag-IBIG Fund programs and benefits you should know about Make the most of your Pag-IBIG membership by knowing more about what solutions the fund offers A key aspect in real estate, housing loans are often significant in determining the type an…...

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The Real Cost of Not Having Your Own Parking Space

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Have you ever tried to look for someone in a crowd of rowdy, wild concert goers? Or tried finding the last pair of pants your size in a pile of pants during a mall sale? The emotional stages that you go through — optimism, eagerness, desperation, anger — are practically the same when looking for that one, elusive parking space....

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Why Should invest in BGC?

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1. Location The master-planned city is basically in the middle of everything. Nearby business districts such as Makati and Ortigas are just 5-10 minutes away. It’s no wonder various local and international corporations and offices have set up he…...

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The real estate industry in the Philippines is on the rise and you got into the bandwagon of buying a condo. You finally got your unit but you’re not quite sure if you want to move in it right away. But you don’t want to leave your newly acquired un…...

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